Summer Festival – Closing Ceremony ​

Congratulations to all our St George Church members: our blessed Fathers, the parents, the servants and our lovely and smart kids.
An outstanding achievement, God bless every effort for the glory of His holy name.
The Spiritual results :

Grade 1-3 2nd position Spiritual 
1 st Coptic/Hymns 

Grade 4-6. 2nd place Spiritual
1 st Coptic/ Hymns

Years 7-9. 1st position Spiritual 
1st Coptic/ Hymns 

Years 10-12. 3rd Spiritual
2nd Coptic/Hymns 

Uni/ Grads. 1st place Spiritual 
2nd Coptic/ Hymns 

Similar amazing results in sports and drama.
We should be proud of our kids we serve and their committed servants 
God bless you all